Peter Cardinal


Peter is a committed member of his community, volunteering his skills to serve its economic, social, health and political needs. He helped revive Buffalo Days and its Métis triathlon that tests participants’ skills in canoeing, running and horseback riding. He also helped start the Wellness Committee to offer community-based programs in social, mental and emotional well-being. He is a current board member with Community Futures Lac La Biche and AlbertaHUB, as well as former board member of the trust fund and health board of Metis Settlements General Council for all eight settlements. In his role with Community Futures Lac La Biche, Peter particularly values his ability to provide business coaching and prepare the newest entrepreneurs for success. Peter sees the future of the North as driven by more than just resources. The vast landscape and beauty of the North have great potential for tourism and agricultural growth. He sees the recent economic downturn as an opportunity to focus on improving oil and gas technologies and diversifying into other industries.