Alden Armstrong

Paddle Prairie

Alden is a lifelong resident of the north. He has lived and worked in other parts of Alberta and Canada but the north is where he has chosen to live. He knows that economic development is critical in order to provide opportunities for northern people to thrive and at the same time, he never wants to lose sight of the need to protect and maintain the environment that is the giver of all the benefits of northern living. Ideally, he would like to see integrated resource management plans tied into a northern economic development strategy. Alden was elected three times to the Paddle Prairie Council, serving two terms as Chairman and once as Vice-Chairman. He was also elected President of the General Council for one term. Because of his election to office, he was able to provide the northern perspective to Alberta's Water for Life Strategy and ensured that the north was served while he was a director on the Rural Alberta Development Fund. His interest in the environment led him to volunteer on the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance and the Mackenzie River Basin Board. He helped support business interests of the north by volunteering on the boards of Manning Diversified Forest Products and Alberta Professional Outfitting Society. His community service was recognized in 2005 when he was awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal. He looks forward to contributing his extensive background in Aboriginal governance and his passion for strengthening northern and rural communities and the environment to his role with the NADC. Alden owns and operates a construction company, raises purebred Wood Bison on his farm, is a registered trapper and outfitter, and enjoys hunting.